Where to the Best Clothing Alterations In Sydney

Where to Get Clothing Alterations In Sydney

Five Sources for Clothing Alterations


Even if you are one of the fortunate ones who can usually find clothing that fits from the rack, there will be a time you need clothes altered to make them fit better.  Clothing that fits well will enhance your body’s’ qualities and mask the less than perfect parts. Properly fit garments will help you present a more professional appearance at work.  You must be warned that not just anyone should be allowed to do the alterations.  Some tailors will produce a magnificent look while others will leave your wardrobe looking drab and sloppy.  A good tip when trying a new tailor is to let them do one type of alteration on a single garment to give you a look at the quality of their work. This article will discuss the places you may choose to take your garment, and some concerns to consider.

1. Retailer

The first place to look is the retailer you purchased the garment from.  Many of the better stores will have alteration specialists on site.  Often the store will offer alterations at no extra charge when you purchase the garment there.  Always ask, and if there is a fee be sure you know the total cost of the alteration before you make your clothing purchase.

2. Dry Cleaner or Laundromat

Many dry cleaning establishments and laundromat offer clothing alterations as a service.  Understand that dry cleaners are usually very busy with cleaning.  You should be certain the person that will do your alterations has the proper time in their schedule to do the work.  The last thing you want is a rush job to get it back on schedule.  A benefit to having a dry cleaner that has a good alteration specialist is there is one less place you must go to keep your wardrobe looking wonderful. The same applies to a laundromat, when you get your clothes washed you can get you clothes altered. If you want more information on the affordable services in Sydney, Waterloo and surrounding areas call Mary on  0402 498 606 or LP Laundry Services.

3. Dressmakers or Tailor

Dressmakers and tailors are specialists in making custom garments for their customers.  Sometimes you can find one that will do alterations on clothing they did not produce.  This is a win-win scenario for you.  Dressmakers and tailors are uniquely in touch with what makes for a perfectly fitted garment.  Their knowledge of fabric and garment construction techniques is invaluable.

4. Alterations Specialist

There are some people who specialise in alterations.  Their business concentrates only on making garments fit the customer.  You will want to select an alteration specialist that is well versed in all types of alterations.  They should be able to provide you with a cost sheet so you can know a price range for the work you need.

5. DIY

You may opt to do-it-yourself if you know how to sew.  My preference is to make a new garment most times rather than do alteration to ready-to-wear garments.  But I confess I have lost count of the times I have shortened pants or a dress top, which were too long.  A very common alteration for petites is hemming, so you can save quite a bit of money even if the only alteration you are competent at is hemming.  And you will probably do a better job since there is a personal investment in how the garment looks when done.

A good fit is key to looking your best in your clothing.  A good rule of thumb, but a bit more expensive, is to buy your clothing one size larger and have them altered by a tailor.

All the best from Mary’s Assistant.

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